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About Us

Eon Crystal started out as Eon Enterprises back in 1998 selling a variety of gifts ranging from, novelty gifts, crystal figures, hanging crystal for windows, watches, household items etc... In and around the Birmingham Bullring Markets, and are proud to say we still have a small unit there, where you can see some samples first hand. Shortly afterwards, we found ourselves gravitating more towards the crystal side of the business, there was something especially luring about sparking crystal. This was not just my opinion, but the general appeal seems to captivate our customers. We soon changed our name to Eon Crystal.

Perhaps the key moment was stumbling across some laser engraved 2D crystal blocks with various designs of People, Animals, Buildings, Flowers and a whole host of other subjects in 2006. This inspired me to want to personalise them. As luck would have it I met somebody who had a Laser Machine, who said that they wound be happy to make the personalised crystal.

It was while I was selling these 2D crystal images that I was approached by Kirit Thakore who also said that he too had a Laser machine, but not only that, his quality was better. Kirit also had a 3D camera and was able to take 3D images provided the customer was there. This was not an ideal solution, so I kept on pondering how it would be possible to do a 3D of somebody without them being present.

When your mind is fully focused, it is truly amazing how situations present themselves. So moving on, my desire is to make 3D personalised images... So was totally amazed when I met Keith Hoo who used to work in the factory that pioneered the crystal engraving machines. Not only that, Keith Hoo was commissioned by Her Majesty the Queen in 2002 to make a 2D Portrait in crystal to celebrate her Golden Jubilee. He offered to take me to factory in 2008 and see the technology behind it all. When I saw all the wonderful 3D examples, I was totally blown away.

It was some years later before I could own my own machine, but prior to that I found somebody who could turn 2D into 3D, this was the breakthrough that I was looking for. We are now making them ourselves; a translucent image etched inside a solid piece of crystal, how magical is that...!

Now, Eon Crystal has introduced different shapes and size crystal to its range, offering our customers a truly dynamic service. Amongst our range is: The Heart and Oval Pendants, Heart Keyring, Rectangular Light up Keyring, Upright Heart Crystal, Heart on the side Crystal, Small Square Cube, plus 3 different Rectangular Crystal and our Square Jade flat Crystal.

These are ideal gifts for any occasion such as:

Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversary, Special Occasions, Christmas, Christenings, Baby's birth (Newborn), Awards, Achievements, Family history, Valentines, Memorials, Remembrance, Bereavement, Animals (Dogs, Cats, Horses), Buildings, Vehicles, the list is endless... All of which we have made in the past.

Our high quality 2D to 3D conversions are true to life, and we are market leaders in our field and aim to stay on top as we seek to always improve our services.

Each crystal piece is a masterpiece from your own photo, so is totally unique and priceless piece of personal history for you or your loved ones.

Thank you for reading this, we truly appreciate your valuable time and hope you will make a purchase to sample our 3D Crystal Engraving.