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Eon Crystal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of picture do I need?
Almost any type of picture will do. We've worked with very old family pictures of ancestors, modern photographs of people celebrating weddings, and digital snapshots of new born babies, selfies, pets and animals, you name it we've done it. We can use full colour pictures as well as black and white. Damaged photos can be restored in most instances. If you need advice, please contact us at sales@eoncrystal.co.uk or call 0121 622 4698, 0121 293 2972

Will my purchase come gift boxed?
Most of our crystals come gift boxed and pendants and keyrings come in velvet pouches. For other products and special offers we may use other forms of packaging.

My picture is very old with a sepia colour. Is this still ok?
That‘s fine. In fact, some of our customers have commented on how much better the image looks in crystal, with our laser engraving technology almost bringing the picture ‘alive’.

Will the background be removed?
In most cases the background is removed, some images where the subject is merged with the background, some of the back may be left in.

Will the picture in the crystal fade or wear away?
Because the image is laser engraved within the crystal it will never fade or deteriorate, and can last forever if the crystal is looked after. Many people use “Eon Crystal” crystals as memorials and leave them outside.

I don’t have the picture on the computer, only a photograph. What can I do?
That’s fine. You can post your photograph to us with your payment and order details. Contact us first for more information

If I send a photograph will it be interfered with?
No. The photograph is scanned into our computer and then anything that needs doing is done to the scanned copy.

Can I use pictures from my mobile phone?
Yes. You can upload them directly from your mobile when placing your order. You may also email them directly to sales@eoncrystal.co.uk if you have more than one image to go in the same crystal.

What is a light base for?
The light bases are an ideal compliment to our crystals. By placing the crystal on the light base it enhances the image greatly by sending a stream of light through the crystal. This is especially effective during the evening and in low light.

How long do the batteries last in the lightbase and keyrings?
This depends on the type and quality of battery used and for how long the item is used.The led light on the keyrings only come on when the button is pressed.

How long does it take to make?
This can vary depending on your image, just bear in mind that it can take up to 10 man hours in total to produce one piece. In normal circumstances, we hope to have your order to you within 5 working days, but please allow a little longer for peak times and promotions.