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3D Photo Crystals

3D photo crystals

Upload your own photo and we will convert it into 3D. Laserpics will then laser etch inside a 3D photo crystal for a truly original gift.

It's hard to display the real effect you get from your unique 3D photo crystal on the website, but we get many positive comments about our engraved 3D photo crystals, which we publish regularly on our Facebook page which we think speak for themselves. Just take a look at our reviews.

There are so many occasions where the gift of an engraved 3D photo crystal will suit due to its uniqueness in holding memories and moments for a lifetime.

All of our 3D crystals are made using the highest grade, optically perfect K9 crystal. To begin creating your own unique gift, simply upload your image, select the crystal size and add your message. We will take over from there and produce your stunning 3D photo crystal taking due care and attention that your photo deserves.

Also take a look at our 2D photo crystal laser etching, not quite as dynamic as 3D, but a stunning piece nevertheless.

side view of crystal comparing 2D and 3D effect

This shows the side view of the crystal and the effect the 3D conversion has over the standard 2D.

The effect when viewed from the front (the normal viewing angle) is the very realistic 3D experience of depth of the image which you cannot get from the original 2D photo.

The result is sheer 3D magic!

3D Photo Crystal Engraved Gifts

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